[end] noun [C] I
1) the final part of a period of time
We're going on holiday at the end of this month.[/ex]
They'll make their decision at the very end of the week.[/ex]
The work should be completed by the end of the year.[/ex]
2) the time when a situation or an event stops
Are you going to stay till the end of the game?[/ex]
After the end of the war many promises were made.[/ex]
We both knew that the partnership had come to an end.[/ex]
We want to put an end to (= stop) discrimination.[/ex]
the final battle that brought the war to an end (= made it end)[/ex]
3) the part of something that is furthest away from the centre
Hold both ends of the rope.[/ex]
The only door was at the far end of the corridor.[/ex]
4) spoken
the part that you have in an activity or situation
Kate is more involved in the research end of things.[/ex]
I've kept my end of the bargain (= done what I promised), but he hasn't kept his.[/ex]
5) formal
something that you want to achieve
Governments make policies that suit their own political ends.[/ex]
She used people for her own ends.[/ex]
at the end of the dayspoken used for saying that something is the most important aspect of a situation[/ex]
There were problems, but at the end of the day, everyone got what they wanted.[/ex]
hours/days/weeks etc on end — used for emphasizing how long something continues[/ex]
He talks for hours on end about absolutely nothing.[/ex]
in the endspoken finally[/ex]
In the end, I decided not to buy the shoes.[/ex]
make ends meet — to have just enough money to buy the things that you need[/ex]
no endspoken a lot[/ex]
Her English has improved no end.[/ex]
We've had no end of trouble with this car.[/ex]
deep I,
end */*/*/[end]
1) [T] to be in a particular place or state at the end of a period
We ended the day in a more hopeful mood.[/ex]
The team looks likely to end the season as champions.[/ex]
2) [I/T] to stop existing, or to make something stop existing
The marriage ended after only 11 months.[/ex]
The injury ended his career.[/ex]
3) [I/T] if you end by doing or saying something, it is the last thing that you do or say
I'd like to end by thanking everyone for their help.[/ex]
Let's end the meeting with a short prayer.[/ex]
- end in sth
- end up

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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